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If you want to play, coach or sponsor tennis then sign up with us. Our intention is to support juniors, high school, college and other players who have a chance to become professionals.


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Tournament play is based on the 3-2 format, best 3 out of 5 games and 2 out of 3 sets, no loser challenge format.

This type of play creates the intensity, focus and drive for a player to develop into a real talent.

Teaching Tennis.com offer this program to build talent.

Richard Wigley:
"The best way to learn and enjoy the game of tennis is to play winners. In our tournaments winners play winners. I look forward to playing you."

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Jason Whittington
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Welcome to our coaching and instructional site. Tennis is the best individual sport in the world. It brings together every aspect of the mind, body, heart and soul of a player. It is a platform, a rite of passage, a mirror for the player, a passion, the ultimate game.

Individual & Group Lesson Rates

Contact Jason at 435-668-6887
"The best way to learn and enjoy the game of tennis is to play winners.
In our tournaments winners play winners. We look forward to playing you."

Tonaquint Tennis Center - St. George Utah

Synergistic Tennis Training   

I. Explanation of Synergistic Tennis Training Sessions.  

1. The fundamentals of mental/emotional/physical training.
A. Mental/physical visualization.
B. Fitness & nutritional guidance.

2. The foundations of winning tennis.
C. Training strategic/percentage supremacy.
D. Competitive play & analysis.   II. Method of Player Development.  

1. Individual instruction from experienced coach/player.
A. Drills, testing & evaluations.
B. Intense, fun, clear and demanding coaching sessions.
C. No gimmicks or fads. What works for players.
D. Instruction encompasses working out weaknesses
E. Work to develop strengths to make game effortless.  

2. Synergistic critique; precise, in depth analysis.
A. Analysis of mental and emotional awareness
B. Commentary on players intangibles and essence
C. Examination of stroke production and shot selection
D. Overview of game plan and competitiveness  

3. Drills & match preparation;
A. Rehearsing & preparing to succeed with game plan.
B. Confidently visualizing playing superior tennis.
C. Practice getting game solid. Working with purpose
D. Positioning, movement and optimizing abilities
E. Perfecting strengths; developing weapons  

4. Focus on a specific statistic and attitude to refine.
A. Achieve the winner's poised mental state.
B. Establish a spirit of confident expectation.
C. Demand excellence and securing opportunities.
D. Eliminate unnecessary training on non-essentials.
5. Included in Competitive Synergistic Training Sessions "STS"
A. Includes; charts, critiques, drills and realistic assessment.
B. Physical drills testing speed, quickness, flexibility and endurance.
C. Critique of match play, shot selection, and overview of game.
D. Game plan evaluations and plan to advance level of play.
E. Advanced Tournament Competition with coaching.

Competitive Synergistic Training Sessions "STS."  

1. Level 1 = $250.00 Tennis instruction. ( 8 hours) (incl. 2 hour match play)
2. Level 2 = $300.00 Tennis instruction. (10 hours) (incl. 2 hour match play)
3. Level 3 = $500.00 Tennis instruction. (14 hours) (incl. 3 hour match play)
4. Level 4 = $700.00 Tennis instruction. (20 hours) (incl. 4 hour match play)
5. Level 5 = $850.00 Tennis instruction. (26 hours) (incl. 6 hour match play)

- Getting Tournament Tough -

If you are a player, teacher, instructor, coach, parent, promoter, sponsor and especially Tournament Directors you need to look at our Fast Format Tournaments. We play a 3 game set 2 out of 3 sets in less than an hour for each match and run 16 to 32 player draws in 3 to 4 hours on 6 to 8 courts. This is the solution to running tournaments. No more problems of scheduling, full consolation draws and effective competition for ALL our players in half a day.

It is the best thing to happen to tennis in years. We want to help you start this in your area. We can begin to offer help to other organizations to create their own mini tour with rankings, regular tournaments, challenge matches and ladders. Fast Format Tennis is designed to give all players of both genders, levels, abilities & ages opportunities to win and build confidence in their games. Our tournaments teach winning.

The FAST 3-2 Format is an exciting and competitive arena for players to develop their games. The matches are an experience of 3 or 4 matches in a row where every point is important. Its a perfect tournament format; it's fun to watch, fun to play and over in less than 3 hours. Join us to promote this program. We look forward to showing you how to improve the game.

The focus of this site has been the development of players through competition. In order to become a better player practice and training is helpful but the true test is the competitive arena. Since I created the Super Saturday Tennis program in 1999 we have had hundreds of players particpate and it has gained success. These pages develop the understanding of what it takes to win, weekend and week out... What has been learned from this endeavor is invaluable to preparing players of all skill levels for competition.

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