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Tennis Questions

What is your best shot? a.Serve b. Service Return
c.forehand d. Backhand
e.volley f. lob

What is your worst shot?a.Serve b. Service Return
c.forehand d. Backhand
e.volley f. lob

If you were hit a low ball to your forehand and you could see your opponent coming to the net where would you hit the ball?
a. With lots of topspin crosscourt
b. A high defensive lob crosscourt
c. A quick offensive lob down the line
d. An underspin forehand up the line
e. As hard as you can right at your opponent

What is the safest type of service return?
a. Slice backhand crosscourt
b. Forehand topspin down the line
c. Lob defensively
d. Flat forehand down the middle
e. Topspin backhand

What is the quickest way to lose a point in a match
a. Double fault
b. Hit into the net
c. Hit a ball long
d. Hit a ball wide
e. Think about something else

You are playing a very good player; he has solid ground strokes and if you start rallying with him he eats you alive and runs you down. You lost the first set 6-1 holding your serve once. His serve is not very strong and he stays on the baseline. He is serving to start the second set should you?
a. Change tactics and go to the net to volley
b. Mix up your shots and stay on the baseline
c. Attack his serve going for return winners and going to the net when he is in trouble
d. Don't try to change. Fight it out with him on the base line.
e. Play a dink offspeed game and bring him to the net so you can pass him.

Its match point after 3 hours you are up 5-4 40-15 and very tired.
a. Serve a big first and or second serve to end it.
b. Spin the first serve in put the pressure on your opponent
c. Serve into your opponent and come in to volley .
d. Serve down the middle and come in.
e. Serve wide and stay back.

You are in the middle of a match and down a service break at 1-3 you know if you lose this service you can write this set and probably the match off. Your opponent is not that good but you have been making all the errors. Your serve has let you down in your last game what do you do?

a. Hit the serve harder and hope for the best
b. Spin the first and second serve in and get into rallies
c. Push the serve over to get it in play
d. Give up because you can't win and you are in a slump. Prepare what to say to your opponent on how you had a bad day.
e. Get more aggressive and come to the net when possible forcing the action.

You ran into somebody that can't miss. Everything he hits is either coming in at 100 mph or hitting the line with unbelievable angles. You have been hitting solid and felt confident but are getting blown away. The score is 30-30 second set 0-2 after you lost the first 2-6. What is you attitude like? He is serving right handed.

a. There is no way I could beat this guy he is too good.
b. I am so crummy I can't win a point on my serve, my forehand, or anything I hit goes into the net or long.
c. This guy is on a roll I have got to stay in this long enough for his momentum to slip so I can ge back into the match.
d. I hope I can win my serve again so I don't lose as bad as it looks, I just to win a game.
E. Get the ball back low down the middle to his forehand volley.

It is a big tournament and you are in the semi-finals up 5-3 serving in the third set after two hours on the court. A lot of people are watching as you have been hitting winners all day and it looks like an upset is happening. If you get through to the finals it will be your first time in a tournament final this big. Your opponent who is ranked way above you has been going crazy losing points to you by being wild and angry. You have stayed cool but now are getting nervous because your opponent has a reputation of coming back and seems more determined. In the final you will play the #1 player in the Tournament. What should you do?

a. Concentrate on just getting the ball in and this guy will miss shots like he has been doing.
b. Don't think about winning just play the way you have been playing.
c. Raise your level up another notch and finish this guy off with a couple of hard shots.
d. Go for your best shots and play smart by keeping ahead and keeping the ball in.
e. Just keep the ball in play and don't make any mistakes.

In the middle of the first set nothing seems to be working especially your best shots, groundstrokes. Your forehand is going wild and deep, your serve is going into the net and long, you are pushing your backhand and you are getting extremely frustrated. Your opponent is equally off but he is attacking the net and winning points when you miss or miss hit. Somehow you are still in the match at 3-3. Its his serve should you.

a. Hit harder and go for the passing shots or for outright winners don't let him get to the net.
b. Settle down hit slower and hold your own trying to extend the rallies from the baseline.
c. Mentally relax, try to get back to a balance and the fundamentals of stroking through the ball. Play point by point.
d. Attack the net aggressively, chip and charge.
e. Ask for advice from a friend near the court.

You show up to the tournament and you have just found out you have to play a player you have never beaten or even taken a set off of. This is a big tournament and you are prepared but your confidence is very low against this player. How do you prepare to play.

a. Ask the tournament director when the consolation is?
b. Get prepared like any other tournament and decide on a game plan that has worked against this player by others.
c. Get focused on playing your best no matter what you may think the odds of winning are even though you know you will lose.
d. Complain about the draw and your luck.

Everything is going great, you are in a zone and playing a good but not great player. You are winning most of the shots on winners or placement. Your opponent is working hard on every point but you have the feeling today. It is still the first set but you are up 4-1 and you are in complete control of the match. You are serving and have held your serve easily each time. This game though you have hit your first serves long, and your opponent has returned your second serves well and beaten you on two long rallies. His confidence is starting to return. Should you,
a. Go for a big serve on 0-30, play aggressively and come to the net to put away a volley.
b. Get the first serve in and play defensively to win this point and get back on track in the service game.
c. Take your time and define your strategy for this point. Realize that momentum can disappear quickly. Recall and visualize what has been working.
d. Hit a soft first serve to get him off balance, stay back and lob him when he comes to the net.
e. You are way ahead in the set even if you lose this game you are still in a great position to win the set and match so just play the way you have been and do not worry about his.

You are a seeded player in the tournament and facing an unknown. The kid has a good all around game though. Your reputation is on the line. You were up 3-0 in the first set and he came back to beat you 7-6 in a hard fought tie breaker. Now the pressure is on both of you. The people have been watching and you know that you have got to find a weakness and exploit it. You have been way over confident and now its time to get settle down and play tennis. What is the best tactic based on your type of game. Its your serve to start the second set.

a. Pick the backhand side to attack and hurt him with penetrating serves attacking the net on every point.
b. Get the serve in down the middle to cut off the angle returns and work from the baseline keeping the ball deep.
c. Use every trick in the book, serve wide, serve flat down the middle, use slice into the body, mix it up and play with slice backhands to pull him wide on both sides and hit strong forehands. Use drop shots and lobs when you get him out of position. Work causing him to produce unforced errors.
d. Pick up the pace, hit harder, force the timing, and put the pressure on him with your groundstrokes.
e. Serve wide to the forehand side and attack his forehand to open up the backhand and force him to cover more court. Come in behind deep cross court backhand slices.

You are returning serve. The score is 30-30, 5-6. You know if you break him you go to a tie breaker. You have broken his serve before and lost yours. He has been serving to your backhand down the middle he missed his first serve. Should you;

a. Watch the ball closely and prepare to run around the serve for a strong forehand return up the line.
b. Move around on the baseline and try to distract his concentration and force a double fault.
c. Move in against his second serve and chip and charge.
d. Slice a backhand return inside out low and wide.

You are returning serve. The score is now ad out and it is match point. The second serve is coming straight into your body. Your opponent is staying on the baseline as usual. What would you do?
a. Take a big swing and hit it up the line for a winning return.
b. Move forward and contact the ball getting it back deep and in the middle of the court.
c. Call it out and go shake hands.
d. Step back away from the ball and return it back to the ad court with topspin deep.
e. Take it on the backhand side and slide it down the line short about to the service line on his deuce court.