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UPDATE 12/10/01


Racquet Control Drills: Control and repetition drills.

1. Round the world
2. Basketball dribble
A. Knee high B. Waist high
3. Bounce ups A. Over Shoulder B. Over Head
4. Switching faces Up.
5. Cradle Catch or sticky strings
6. Side Spin
7. Racquet spin
8. Racquet Twirl catch Grip Test

1. Racquet Spin: like musical chairs timing and accuracy.
Eastern Backhand - Continental - Eastern Forehand - Semi-Western - Western Forehand
8 /.........\ 2
7 I............I 3
6 \.___./ 4
For Right Handed Player -
Palm or Index Knuckle on top #1 Thumb on 6 or 7 Eastern Backhand
Palm on #2 Thumb on 7 Continental
Palm on #3 Thumb on 8 Eastern Forehand
Palm on #4 Thumb on 1 or 8 Semi-Western
Palm on Bottom #5 Thumb on 1 or 2 Full Western

III. Ball Toss: Arm & Swing Drills
1. Baseball Throw -Service motion, balance & pronation Variation: throw ball over the back fence from 6-8 ft Have partner do an overhead catch and return ball.
2. Softball Throw -Low to high simulation, forehand prep. Variation: toss ball into target in service box from T Have partner alligator catch or finger catch the toss.
3. Backhand lift -ForeArm lift, rotating & lifting socket Variation: toss ball into target in service box from T Have partner alligator catch or finger catch the toss. IV. Ball Catch: Coordination & Balance positioning drills.

1. Two handed Catch -one ball- beginner drill (This is called the Alligator catch. It simulates the mouth of an Alligator. The more advanced the wider the mouth until about 12" apart. Volley preparation (Right hand up Left hand down) RH
2. Off hand finger up catch (Toss the ball to forehand side student catches the ball with the fingers up in hitting zone. Watch to see the that the hitting hand is as high as the catching hand.
3. Two Ball Catch - Advanced Hand Eye drill Variation: Catch balls with hands crossed.
4. Overhead ball catch. Catch ball above head Variation: Catch the ball with the hitting hand moving up into the swing. Partner or Coach can call out in the air which hand. Left hand or right hand.

V. Shoulder Turn and Hand Slapping drills. Form Drills
1. Forehand Slap, pray and reach.
The Elements begin with a shoulder turn and a lifting/turning of the left foot onto the toe. The non-hitting hand is right above the line and the slapping/hitting hand is flattened 8-12" above the offhand (petting the big doggie) and the shoulders and hips are turned in an open stance in this case. Either stance will work. The arm moves down and into the waiting hand and slap. Watch to see the hitting hand come closely by leg right in between the knee and the waist. After the loud SLAP at impact the hands will follow through and Pray /\ and reach out in front of the body and the momentum will bring you into the court. The toe on the back foot is pointed and heel is up and the shot is gone.
2. Backhand catch, step, release and fly.
The Elements of this drill begin with a shoulder turn and the right hand reaching around and clasping the left in a handshake. Then the step is taken forward with the foot pointing the direction of the shot. The hands release and from the shoulder socket the arm moves as one unit upward as the left arm moves backwards and up as if to spread the wings and fly. o/ The hitting arm goes up to on a 30 to 45 degree /Q angle. The toe is pointed down into the court and the heel is up with the sole of the shoe pointed at the back fence.

VI. Ball Toss Drills:
Can be utilized one on one or in groups.
1. Forehand Drill.
A. Stand on the T and toss balls to the hitter. Have them hit the ball down the line
B. Stand at the service line and toss to to the hitter at the base line in the middle of the deuce court. Have them hit cross court shots.
C. Stand behind the Hitter and Toss balls into the court with slight topspin. This forces them into the court and to hit up through the ball.
D. Feed the Hitter balls from the other side of the net for both down the line and crosscourt shots.
E. Feed balls from the middle of the court and finally from the baseline.

2. Backhand tossing Drills same as above. When utilizing these ball toss drills with 2 or 3 students the coach can stand with the hitter and have other students returning these forehands using a backhand and the third player can be volley the return. The coach can work the students quite hard with this drill moving the hitter up and back, calling for more depth, more height over the net, more movement, giving high and low balls. The coach can also replace the student with him tossing a few to show the corrections in backswing, contact point or follow through etc. It is quite easy to maintain an awareness of the other students shots and suggest their improvement or call out encouragement. If (IF) all the balls land in one corner and stay off the net then it worked.

VII. Hitting Drills: Up to 8 Students in a line.
1. Backcourt wide ball drill.
Start to either the forehand or backhand and feed five balls each a bit wider than the first until the student must cover the whole singles court to reach the fifth ball.
2. Approach and Volley Drill #1.
Forehand approach volley. Start with a deep backhand in the middle of the ad court then feed a short ball to the middle of the deuce court. The student must execute an approach shot down the line to the opponent's ad court (typically backhand corner) then execute a forehand volley crosscourt. B. Back approach volley. Same as above but reversed. As the players get more advanced add in a overhead or offensive lob.
3. Attacking Drill.
3 ball. Start the player at the (T) and throw up a shoulder high sitter to the forehand. The student is to hit down the line and then prepare for a backhand volley down the line and then move to hit a wide forehand passing shot. Variation: starting on the backhand side and hitting a low or sliced ball at his feet.

KID DRILLS (Originals)

1. FROG & ALLIGATOR Tossing and catching
2. FISH IN THE POND Accuracy toss. Use racquet or Hulahoop
3. SLAM DUNK Basketball dribble & over head smash
4. OVER THE MOON Throwing high over the fence or coach
5. SUBMARINE Volley positioning, knees & shoulders
6. BOMBERS Learning low to high swings. Lobs
7. TIGHT ROPE Balance & foot work-follow the leader
8. BUNNY HOP Split steps & balanced forward motions
9. GOLDILOCKS & 3 BALLS Teaching how to hit a baby ball softly, a mommy ball to the middle of the court and a daddy ball as far as you can.

1. BASEBALL, Variations: #1 Single hit. Forehand or backhand run bases (net posts). #2 Baseball elimination, like batters up, one catch and you are out.
2. COMMUNITY: 4-15 players on a side and each as one to 3 errors. When they are out they sit down and wait for the last two to play it out.
#1 Net and Back.
#2 Net Back, Line, Back.
#3 Basketball dribble up and back.
#4 hold ball on racquet to net and back.
#5 bounce ball up off strings - net and back.

#1 Net back line back.
#2 Five corner drill, from hashmark to baseline back, service corner - back, (T) back, etc.,
#3 Sideline to sideline.
#4 Baseline along doubles line to net over to singles line back to baseline to other singles line to the net back and back up the doubles line